Route of the Guanches

Beach el Socorro with chapel

The beach of el Socorro, also called Chimisay, is located in the southeast of Güímar and extends to the entrance of the Malpaís of Güímar. According to the story, around 1392 the image of the Virgin of El Socorro appeared on this beach when Mencey Acaymo ruled. A cross today indicates the location of these events. The nearby Ermita, built in the mid-16th century, has been declared a historical and artistic monument.

Address: Avenida Marítima, El Socorro


Cave of Chinguaro

This cave was the residence of Mencey Acaymo. The Virgin of El Socorro was brought to this place after her appearance on the beach of Chimisay and stayed there for 54 years. The cave and its surroundings became an archaeological park, including a visitor center, a museum, an Ermita and pilgrimage shrine. The first step in consolidating this project has already taken place with the approval of the special plan of the Barranco de Chinguaro. 

Address: Camino El Taro, Güímar

Telephone: +34 636 94 00 009

Opening hours: 8h - 21h


Las Pirámides de Güímar

The pyramids of Güímar are one of the most famous tourist attractions of Güímar. In this ethnographic park visitors have the opportunity to get to know the pyramids around which various legends entwine. You can also explore a spectacular park, visit the poison plant garden and enjoy a unique view of the valley.

Address: Calle Chacona, Güímar

Opening hours: Mondays to sundays 9:30h - 18:00h (closed on 25.12 and 01.01)

Telephone: +34 922 514 510  


Pottery Agael León

The multidisciplinary artist Agael covers various art forms such as oil painting, pottery and sculpture. In her workshop, the visitor has the opportunity to get to know these techniques and to see what she has created - among them are replicas of the famous Guatimac, a figure found in the Barranco de Herques of Guanche origin. 

Address: Camino la Tirada, 3, Güímar 

Telephone: +34 696 166 990