Route of the churches

Chapel of “El Socorro”

This chapel, built in the mid-16th century, has been declared a historical and artistic monument. There is still a cross indicating the appearance of the Virgin. It is also possible to visit the old fountain. 

Address: Calle Tabaiba, 6, 38508 El Socorro 


Chapel de las Cruces

On the way towards Medianías, you will find the Chapel of Las Cruces near El Taro and the Cueva de Chinguaro 

Address: Camino Chinguaro, 5, 38500 Güímar



Parish Santo Domingo de Guzmán

This parish was built in 1649 as a monastery. Today the chapel is open for worship and the rest belongs to the present town hall.

Address:  Calle de Santo Domingo, 0, 38500 Güímar


Church of San Pedro

This church was built onto the early church of San Pedro de El Tanque (year 1621). It consists of three naves and stone walls. Inside you can see a neoclassical silver front, a silver goblet from Mexico, paintings by López Ruiz covering the back and ceiling of the high altar, paintings by the Estévez school, the Virgen del Socorro from 1630 and the picture  attributed to San Pedro Rodríguez de la Oliva.

Address: Calle San Pedro Arriba, 2, 38500 Güímar 


Chapel San Pedro de Arriba

This chapel is located in the neighborhood of San Pedro Arriba, near the Buen Retiro Hotel and the famous Lavaderos. The square floor also has walls, some of them are covered with frescoes. It has a small picture of the Apostle San Pedro, a work of the sculptor Ezequiel de León Domínguez.

Address: Calle del Agua, 2A, 38500 Güímar


Chapel of San Juan Bautista


The hermitage of San Juan Bautista was built around 1534. The temple is single-nave and gives the Plazoneta its name. After some renovations, the works of art, the altarpiece, the paintings, the pulpit and the arch and the frescoes on the walls have been preserved as interesting works of art. Nearby is a Calvary where the Christ of Decline or the Black Christ as popularly known is housed. 

Address:  Calle de San Juan, 38500 Güímar