The Malpaís of Güímar

This volcanic landscape of about 290 hectares, declared a nature reserve and recognized as a special nature reserve, is the result of a series of volcanic eruptions. It shows a fan shape and houses the volcanic crater "Montaña Grande", which has a diameter of about 300 meters and a depth of about 50 meters. This landscape provides an ideal habitat for various insect and endemic plant species.

Apart from the great variety of flora and fauna, there are several lava flows: on the one hand there are the rough volcanic rocks due to the volcanic eruptions of the Montaña Grande and on the other hand there is the flatter and smoother volcanic landscape, which is the result of lava flows towards the coast ,

A phenomenon that can be seen in this protected natural area is the cycle of sand through the trade winds: some sands, which are mainly caused by the constant movement of the sea on basalt rocks, are deposited on the coast. Dried by the sun, the trade wind takes it up and distributes it to the Malpaís de Güímar.