Gorge of Herques

Nowadays, this gorge, cataloged as a nature reserve called Natural Monument, forms the natural boundary between the municipalities of Fasnia and Güímar. Its slopes and gorges make it spectacular. According to several authors, this extraordinary ravine could have functioned as a natural boundary between the Menceyatos of Abona and Güímar, and one of the best-preserved Guanche mummies was found there.

As for the vegetation, there is a sweet Tabaibal in the coastal areas, which is gradually replaced by the Kardonal Tabaibal. Further up are wild olive trees, junipers, mocanes, etc. This area also has a great variety of birds (kestrels, wild pigeons, etc.), as well as the habitat of the canary big-eared bat, an endemic species that lives in caves and rocky formations.

In addition, the Barranco de Herques is crossed by the famous "Camino Real" hiking trail, which offers a chance to really experience this natural spectacle.