Gorge of el Agua

The gorge Barranco del Agua, also known as Barranco del Río de Güímar: This gorge is located in the valley of Güímar and rises at an altitude of 2,347 m in the Cordillera Dorsal of the island under the Montaña de los Pozos de Izaña. It ends after about fourteen kilometers, on the beach of Cabezo in Puertito de Güímar.

The upper part of the gorge is located in the nature reserves of the Corona Forestal Natural Park and in the landscape of the Siete Lomas.

Its main tributaries are the gorges Barranco de Badajoz and Barranco de Chiñico.

It crosses the municipality Güímar and separates the villages of Guaza from the center of Güímar. In its last section, it passes through agricultural greenhouses to below the Autopista del Sur de Tenerife.

On a slope of the gorge is the old hydropower plant "La Hidro", a cultural asset of cultural interest in the category of a historical site.