Protected landscape Siete Lomas

Siete Lomas is a protected landscape of 1013.90 hectares around the municipalities of Güímar, Candelaria and Arafo. It is a very agricultural area that occupies a narrow strip of coastline in the middle of the Güímar Valley. Its main feature is a series of hills separated by ravines stretching from the summit to the sea. Self-sufficiency agriculture is the most important socio-economic activity in the region. The plantations of potatoes, vineyards and fruit trees stand out, accessed via a complex network of paths and paths.


An interesting element is the decommissioned "La Hidro" hydropower plant, which supplied half of the community with electricity, using the energy generated by a significant decline in the water supply to galleries in the area. In the upper part of the Siete Lomas there is a dense laurel forest, which is a bit damaged, but is an example of this Macaronesia habitat. The crops were largely formed by the pozzolanic layer of the large volcanic eruption of Granadilla, which covered the entire southern coast of the island. Farmers have formed terraced landscapes in a process that has taken hundreds of years, forming a typical step through which they came to harvest. It dominates agricultural zones and the plantations of the farmers (vineyards, popes, fruit trees, ...).