Gorge of Badajoz

The Barranco de Badajoz gorge is a tributary of the Barranco del Agua at the southern end of the valley. It begins at an altitude of 1,852 m in the Cordillera Dorsal of the island near the summit of Izaña and flows into the ravine of Barranco del Agua at 152 m. The Barranco de Badajoz canyon is almost ten kilometers long and receives numerous barranquillos that spring from the Ladera de Güímar.

As the gorge continues, it becomes an authentic canyon with vertical walls on either side. The upper part of the canal is located in the nature reserves of the Corona Forestal Natural Park and in the landscape of the Siete Lomas.

Directly next to La Ladera, the ravine Barranco de badajoz is one of the most impressive canyons in Tenerife. This gives space for important vegetation of Monte Verde, pine forest and fruit trees. Near Siete Frailes is the Cañizo Cave, built by the Guanches, the indigenous people of the island.


Cave of the Cañizo

The most important prehistoric remnant found in this area, proving the Aboriginal activity of the Barranco de Badajoz, is the Cueva del Cañizo; It is located at about 100m altitude, about halfway up the left wall of the gorge.The cave owes its name to the twelve vessels of juniper wood, which are placed on the ceiling of the same; These can be seen from the gorge. In addition, several Guanche mummies were found here. The place was a burial place of the Guanches and is therefore a place of high archaeological importance.