Natural Park Corona Forestal

This natural area contains a variety of geological and geomorphological formations of very different nature, age and history. The vegetation is very varied. It is the most extensive vegetation of the Canarian pine, which is accompanied on the peaks by the own species of the Retamar. There are also numerous endemic species. At the top of the Ladera de Güímar, there is one of the few specimens of Laurisilva xérica with an abundance of strawberry trees and mocanes.


The Canary pine, a unique species.

The Canary pine (Pinus canariensis) is an endemic conifer of the Canary Islands.

The mature tree can reach a height of over 40 meters and its trunk 2.5 meters in diameter, although it is usually between 15 and 25 meters high and 1 meter in diameter. The largest known specimens can reach heights of up to 60 meters, such as the pine tree of Las Dos Pernadas in Vilaflor.

The bark of the pine is light brown and is almost smooth in the young specimens, but when it gets older, it thickens quickly and breaks up, taking on a brownish red color.

This pine grows fast in its youth, until the maximum height is reached. Its bloom time ranges from March to May.

A very important feature is their resistance to fire, thanks in part to the thick bark that covers the trunks and isolates them from heat. It also has the ability to sprout on the trunk and thick branches, as well as to stretch and imitate stems of glassy leaves. Fast regeneration offers a great advantage in recovering spaces damaged by fire.