Fiest in honour of the “Virgin del Socorro” - 7th and 8th of september

El Socorro is a small coastal village, but full of history. On its beach, the Patron of the Canary Islands appeared to the Guanches and its name is due to a fact that, according to the historical texts, occurred in the transfer of the image: the moment in which the Mencey, dejected by the weight of the virgin, asked for "help" to be able to carry it. In the place in which it happened, a hermitage is raised to which, every 7th September, the Virgen del Socorro is moved from the main church of San Pedro. This Bajada del Socorro is one of the oldest, most popular and devotional celebrations of the municipality and the Island, with tens of thousands of pilgrims accompanying the image on a journey that departs at dawn. And, the next day, this time at dusk, the image returns through the same route accompanied by the traditional game of ”pares o nones”.